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Garbage & Recycling

Residents are provided with weekly garbage, bi-weekly recyclable, and monthly bulk pickup  - pick-up starts at 6:00 a.m. on designated days

Garbage:             Every Tuesday. (see schedule for Holiday delays)
Recycling:           Every other Tuesday. (see schedule for Holiday delays)
Bulk Collection:   First Tuesday of every month. (Items should be at the 
road, 4 feet  away from carts) 


John's Disposal Garbage/Recycling Schedule for 2018.


There will be no Special Yard Waste Pick-Ups in 2018. Due to Budget cuts and a small participation rate, the yard waste pick-ups have been eliminated in 2016, 2017 and 2018. We recommend composting the yard waste or obtaining a burning permit and burning the waste in your yard.


Household Hazardous Waste 
Waukesha CountyDrop-Off Sites

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Hazardous Waste Information
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E-Cycle Information
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E-Cycle Poster
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(Covered Electronic Devices) 
Effective September 1, 2010, John's Disposal will NO LONGER be able to collect CED's at the curb.

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Electronic Waste Recycling Opportunities in Southeastern Wisconsin
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Please help keep the Village of North Prairie looking nice by taking the garbage carts to the roadside no more than 24 hours before pickup and to retrieve the carts within 24 hours after your garbage and recyclables have been picked up. Thank you for your assistance in this matter.

The Green cart is for Recyclables Only 
Place in the GREEN CART: 
    Recyclables should be loose - not in plastic bags. It is best to have recycling loose in the green cart because a machine sorts the loose paper from the bottles and cans. MIXED CONTAINERS: Aluminum foil, tin cans, steel cans, aerosol cans, dried out paint cans, glass bottles/jars, and #1-7 plastic bottles or jugs. Please only recycle plastic items with threaded tops. 
    No Plastic except plastic bottles. 
    Mixed Paper: newspapers, magazines, catalogs, books, mail, school/office paper, brown corrugated cardboard, gray chipboard (cereal and shoe boxes), and brown bags. 
    Shredded Paper: should be put in a clear plastic bag, tied, and put into the green cart. No other recycling should be put in bags. 
    Plastic bags, toys, foam peanuts, deli containers, other plastic, yard waste, trash, foam cups, household hazardous waste.
The Brown cart is for Garbage Only.

Place in the BROWN CART:
    It is best to put bagged trash in the brown cart. Bags that are tied keep the carts clean. Loose garbage can be put in the Brown Cart. MIXED TRASH: plastic wrap, bags, broken toys, ceramics, light bulbs, etc. 
    Bagged Garbage: food waste, styrofoam, other loose trash, etc. 
yard waste, recyclables, household hazardous waste and cardboard boxes

Bulky items collection.
The collection for bulky items will be on the first Tuesday of every month.  
Place all large items including furniture, carpeting, large metal, large cardboard (empty and flattened) and appliances 4 ft away from, not in front of, the Green Recycling Cart. 
Also, place small items including automotive batteries, tires (2 per collection), drain oil (contained in one gallon or larger sealed containers), bags or cans of clean-out type material at the road 4 ft. away from the Green Recycling cart.  Extra paper or other recycling can be bagged in clear plastic bags and placed at the road (not in front of the Green Recycling Cart).  Construction material is NOT included. 
John’s Disposal CANNOT collect Hazardous, Toxic, or Infectious Waste Products; Construction; or Demolition Material. 

Yard Waste & Brush:
John’s Disposal DOES NOT regularly pick up brush, leaves, or grass from homes. 
(exception: Xmas trees)


*Twice a year the Village of North Prairie provides Yard Waste & Brush pick up for residents. Residents will be notified of dates/times.
*Residents are encouraged to compost grass and leaves wherever possible. 
*Remember, open burning requires a burning permit from the Village Hall.
*Brush can be no more than 4 inches in diameter, cut to 4-foot or less lengths, and tied in bundles of no more than 50 pounds.
*Put leaves and grass in clear bags (which will be cut open for loading into the truck).

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