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Upcoming Events

Plan Commission Meeting is Cancelled
December 11 - Tuesday
06:30 PM - 07:30 PM
Finance & Fee Committee
December 13 - Thursday
06:30 PM
Public Hearing and Village Board Meeting
December 13 - Thursday
07:00 PM
Joint Municipal Court
January 2 - Wednesday
03:00 PM
Joint Municipal Court
February 6 - Wednesday
03:00 PM
Joint Municipal Court
March 6 - Wednesday
03:00 PM

Welcome to the Village of North Prairie  


If any Village resident is interested is seeking an elected office on the Village Board, the Candidacy Packet is available in the Village Clerk's office at 130 N Harrison Street, North Prairie, or can be downloaded on the Elections page on this website. Nomination papers for the elected office may be circulated beginning on December 1st, 2018 for Village President or Village Trustee. For additional details, please contact the Village Clerk at 262-392-2271.


A Public Hearing on the proposed Ordinance No. 03-2018 will be held on Thursday, December 13, 2018 at 7:00pm in the Village Board Room, 130 N Harrison Street, North Prairie. This hearing is for the purpose of incorporating the Village Zoning Ordinance as it currently exists into the Municipal Code of the Village of North Prairie. The Public Hearing will allow citizens to express their opinion on this matter. A copy of the proposed Ordinance is posted on the link above and is available for inspection at the Village Hall during regular business hours.

Beginning January 1st, 2019, John's Disposal Service will be changing the way bulky items will be collected each month. Effective January, 2019, residents are required to call John's Disposal at 888-473-4701 and schedule each bulk collection. Each residence will still receive up to one bulk items collection per month, however, residents must call at least 72 hours in advance of their desired pick-up date and options will be made available by office staff.


Village Snow Removal Policy and Contact information
It is the Village's responsibility to control/reduce the use of salt on the Village streets. We need your cooperation to drive at slower speeds during the winter months to ensure the safety of yourself and Village residents. A link is provided in the contact information to Waukesha County's website for additional information regarding the effects of using salt on Village streets.


Please walk your pets safely at night. Wear illuminated protective clothing and lights so that drivers are able to see you and your dogs.


Check our our NEW Fire Department Merger/Consolidation Page!

NORTH PRAIRIE CEMETERY ASSOCIATON- If interested in contacting a representative regarding the North Prairie Cemetery, please contact the Village of North Prairie Clerk's Office at 262-392-2271.



Dept. of Public Works Part-time position
Click on above link for additional information.

Employment Opportunity - Snow Plow Driver
Click on above link for the application and additional information.

Election Inspectors - The Village of North Prairie is looking for pollworkers to assist with elections at the Village Hall. This is a paid position with training required. If interested, please contact the Village Clerk at 262-392-2271.


Burning Permits
Open burning requires a burning permit.  Permits must be obtained through the Village Office, as a signature is required (must be at least 18 years old).  An Annual Permit (calendar year) is issued for $15.00 OR a two-week permit for $5.00.
Call 262/392-2271 for more information.


Covered Electronic Device (CED) disposal information

2018 Weed Notice- List of noxious weeds required to be cut on properties in the Village.


General Information

Grass Clippings

Storm Drain Stenciling

Down the Drain

Down the Drain - to where?

Leaf and Grass Clippings

Rethinking Yard Care 

Pet Waste

2017 Annual NR 216 WPDES Report

NR216 Storm Map

North Prairie WPDES Storm Water Permit

Brown - The New Green

Rain Gardens and Rain Barrels Reduce Runoff

Problem Solving with Rain Barrels

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